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Little terrier gets a second chance


A Tifton Veterinarian is going to great lengths to save a dog he was about to euthanize.

Dr. Larry Branch of Quailwood Animal Hospital feeds his new dog "Ralph" in a car seat to make sure the food goes into his stomach.

Ralph was born with genetic defect that made it nearly impossible for him to eat. Branch was asked to put Ralph to sleep, but their eyes met just before he gave him the shot.

Branch performed surgery on Ralph's esophagus to allow food to flow better to his stomach. It wasn't a complete success, but he doc noticed using an infant's car seat at feeding time does the trick.

"Ralph is a special fellow, after he gets through with the humiliation of being fed like this there is something about how much fun he has in a day, it just cheers us all up!"

Dr. Branch says he'll do whatever it takes to keep Ralph alive and healthy.

If that means feeding him in the car seat for years, he's willing to do it.

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