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Cell phone at the middle of city jail investigation

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60 federal inmates were once housed at the City of Montgomery's jail, but not now.

Montgomery Police Chief Kevin Murphy says a cell phone made it's way into the hands of a federal inmate. He was forced to move all of them to the county jail.

"It's so important to get your hands on contraband before it enters your facility. If you don't, there's no telling who could get their hands on it."

There is a no cell phone policy for anyone entering the jail. Murphy says it happened because the jail warden wasn't keeping a close enough eye on correctional officers.

When he found out, he fired the warden and arrested the officers.

"We've cleaned house and rid ourselves of the problem," says Murphy.

Murphy says he did what he had to do to fix problems at the city jail. But he and other officers admit the entire incident came as a shock especially since they say they trusted jail leaders.

"I was surprised at that because I had no idea that that was what was going on," says Captain Brenda Gooden.

Gooden is the new jail warden. She is enforcing policy and even creating new ones of her own.

"The officers are searched as well as their lockers. This is done on a daily basis and it will not stop."

Gooden says her officers were discouraged after the contraband incident. But now, "we have developed a bond because we are on the same page working for the same mission."

Chief Murphy says one federal inmate faces charges relating to the contraband. The federal inmates are expected to return the city facility soon.

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