Guest Editorial: "ASU Community Outcry"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - For the first time in years there is an outcry from the community seeking answers to questions that have lingered for years at Alabama State University. The intermingling of politics and higher education has created a dangerous brew that threatens to undermine the mission of the institution. Questions arising from this mixture demands complete answers in order to restore the public trust.

The governor made the first step in that direction by calling for an objective forensic audit. The outcome of that audit will determine where the breeches in integrity lie. Until that time the Board of Trustees should remain civil and adhere to cries from the constituents they are appointed to serve. Alumni, faculty, students and taxpayers at large demands a cessation of actions regarding Dr. Silver until the outcome of the forensic audit is made public.

Any rash moves may further threaten the University's integrity. When a public body ignores the will of the people, it only raises additional questions. Once the results of the audit are public, let the chips fall where they may. And if necessary, we will all get a broom and help clean house.

Delivered by: Catherine Flowers/Community Activist

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