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Officials investigate oil dumped into a Lindale creek


Officials in Lindale are working to clean up oil that spilled into creek on Sunday. 

Lindale police found the oil in Prairie Creek in the 1000 block of South Main Street in Lindale.

The Lindale Fire Department put absorbent booms into the water to stop the oil from floating into a nearby lake. 

Officials say around two or three gallons of oil spilled into the creek.

A Lindale deputy constable working the spill says one coffee cup of oil can contaminate half a million gallons of water.

Smith County Environmental officers notified the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, the Railroad Commission, and the Game and Fish Commission about the spill.

"It appears at this point that somebody had changed a diesel truck or diesel type motor in the back and dumped it directly into the drain," says Chief Daniel Somes, of the Lindale Police Department.

Officials have contacted the owner of CJ's Auto Detailing in Lindale, which is the business in front of the creek where the spill was found. 

No charges have been made and officials are still investigating the spill. 

Chief Somes says the Smith County Environmental Crimes unit will assist in the investigation.

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