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Calling all nerds! If you're a nerd, this company wants you


Some could call it Revenge of the Nerds V. As most companies these days are cutting back, one is looking to hire, and only nerds are allowed to apply.

When The Nerdery says it's only hiring nerds, it means they want people who are extremely computer savvy. To find the right talent, the company has gone national with its 100 Nerds in 100 Days hiring campaign.

Nerdery is based in Minnesota with offices in Chicago and Kansas City.

The Nerdery is willing to pay $100 for referring a good applicant to them and an additional $400 if the company hires the candidate someone refers.

"This is my dream job. I've wanted to be a programmer since I was 12," Russell Dempsey said.

So here Dempsey is, about a month into his new job coding and programming at The Nerdery.

"Of course I'm a nerd. I have a passion for something and, you know, that passion is for learning to do something, learning to do it better," software engineer Mark VanOudheusden said.

Nerdiness at this business is the new hip, and its employees are proud to admit it.

"I'm definitely a nerd. I feel like different people are nerds about different things. I just happen to be a coding nerd," Stan Butler said.

Butler and his fellow employees do everything from writing HTML and Java script to so much more. They do it for companies looking to go mobile and grow their websites.

Part of the application process is passing their NAT or Nerd Assessment Test.

"We require people to actually write code in order to be interviewed so we can actually see that people can do the job and we know that you're capable of doing what we ask you to," VanOudheusden said.

And it's a highly selective process. Out of the nearly 1,400 applicants, only 552 got interviews and 30 got hired.

"At The Nerdery, if you can prove that you can do it, you can get hired," Dempsey said.

It is a perfect idea for any self-taught programmer with goals.

"[I see myself in a] seat next to Mark Zuckerberg, but I'm a big dreamer. We'll see," Dempsey said.

If you have a nerd in mind for this type of job or maybe you are one yourself, click here for more information on how to apply.

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