Students return to dorm after flood repairs

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Four months ago students at a small Selma college got a rude awakening...literally!

Many woke up to heavy rains flooding their dorm rooms, forcing them to move into hotels until the school renovated the buildings.

"All my clothes were wet, my shoes were wet," says Christy Pickens.

Water, water, everywhere!

It's what Courtney and Christy Pickens say their dorm room looked like that September morning when flood waters rushed inside while they were sleeping.

This dorm and others like it had just undergone $500,000 dollars in renovations.

Days later they were destroyed.

It took $1-million dollars to repair the flood damage.

"We have to demolish everything...especially the tiles, the drywall, the carpets and remove all the wall clumps and beds and mattresses," says Concordia College President, Tilahun Mendedo.

Mendedo transferred students to nearby hotels until crews completed the renovations.

"They took us in and it was very nice to us. They knew it was like an uncomfortable situation but they made the best of it," says Courtney Pickens.

The dorms are now clean.  In fact, students moved back just a few days ago.

"I love the cabinets. They got brown wooden cabinets. I love it," says Lekeshia Beasley.

To celebrate, members of the community along with faculty and staff dedicated the buildings.

Renovations aren't the only new addition to Concordia College. In an effort to attract more people there, leaders knew they needed to make the campus more student friendly.

"We call it Concordia College Interactive Learning Center," says Mendedo.

The building was once used as classroom space is now a restaurant and meeting center for students and faculty.

They can read, study, eat and socialize there.

"If they don't have something that entertains them, something that's educational, something that helps them more likely they would leave," adds Mendedo.

School administrators say the repairs were covered by insurance.

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