Editorial: "Good News/Tough Times"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The last four years have been tough all around.  The housing bubble burst, the economy entered a recession, our government hit the debt ceiling, and jobs were cut causing businesses and families to make the tough but necessary sacrifices just to survive.

And just when you think those issues might be in your rear view mirror, last month we were all at the edge of the fiscal cliff hoping we didn't fall in.

In times like these it's good to hear and share some positive economic news. This week I was honored to emcee the Elmore County Industry Awards where numerous business were recognized for their combined $39 million dollars in investment in the region, the adding of 460 new jobs and resulting in some $15 million dollars pumped into annual payrolls over the last four years.

Businesses like E & I Inc. that invested more than $2 million dollars into expansion and added 20 employees or Alabama Fuel Systems/GKN Aerospace adding 120 jobs or the YESAC Corporation adding 60 jobs are just a few examples of businesses growing in Elmore County during these tough times.

If you don't think Alabamians are winners just check the scoreboard on the last four BCS Championships.  Let's continue to set a positive self fulfilling economic prophecy for our state by believing in ourselves, investing in people and technology and working hard every day to be the economic poster child for the country.

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