Guest Editorial: "Local approach to gun control"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - There has been much talk lately about how to protect innocent people from firearm violence.

Suggestions have been made ranging from  some form of gun control to better mental health screening to arming teachers, most of which may not be enacted due to budget constraints, concerns for civil liberties or just plain rational thinking.

And even though nothing we can do will stop violence with guns, we must try, and a combination of approaches will certainly be most effective.

That's why I was pleased when the Montgomery Police Department told us on Monday about a new initiative designed to remove illegal weapons from the streets of Montgomery.

MPD will be making adjustments in procedures that will strategically target those who possess illegal guns.  And they ask for citizen involvement, telling us to call the police if we know of someone possessing an illegal weapon.  There is even a reward offered by CrimeStoppers.

When it comes down to it, firearm violence, like most crime, is a local problem, and if we want to stop it, we must act locally.

Regardless of how you feel about the second amendment,  or police in our schools or spending more money on mental health care, this is something we all can and should do.

If you know someone with an illegal weapon, turn them in.

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