Downloadable Facebook banners

If you want one of the banners for your Facebook page, just open this link and right-click on the photo below that you want, and save it to your computer. You can then "browse" it into your Facebook page!

Note: The photos appear small on this page, but will save in full size.

#1 - The first banner is about state pride, recognizing Alabama as the home of the last four national championships.

#2 - The second banner is another version of the first, with a larger version of the license plate "4INAROW" for the state's continued home to the BCS Champions.

#3 - The third banner also notes Alabama continued home to the BCS Champions but by featuring the Coaches' Trophy.

#4 - This banner is in commemoration of the Crimson Tide and its achievements in the field of football championships. It lists the years of all 15 championships the University of Alabama acknowledges.

#5 - This banner is all about SEC domination. Even if you're not an Auburn or an Alabama fan, you have to admit winning the last seven championships means the league is dominating the competition.