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Father warns others about son's deadly mistake


Steve Underhill says he'll never forget the day he got the call that every parent dreads.

"I was home the day the phone rang. It was my ex-wife telling me I needed to get to Liberty Hospital immediately, that something had happened to Q," he said.

Quentin Underhill, or Q as his loved ones knew him, was a junior at Liberty High School where he was avid athlete and great all-around student.  He died of an overdose on New Year's Eve after a night partying with friends.

The 17-year-old's father, a Kansas City firefighter, says he always made it his business to know what his children and their friends were up to and can't believe he might have missed any warning signs.

"I always made sure that the children that were here, that were staying the night, I would always check. I checked in the morning, at night. I just wanted to make sure everybody was acting right there was no drinking or anything going on," he said.

Police say Quentin Underhill spent the night at a friend's house and overdosed on a combination of alcohol and pills. His father thinks Xanax might have been involved.

Now, Steve Underhill is pleading with other parents to take stock of what's in their homes, worried that if he, a former EMT, can miss warning signs, other parents can as well.

"If they are expired, if they aren't needed, get rid of them. Do whatever it takes to make sure your child doesn't get ahold of them. I wouldn't want anyone to feel what I'm feeling right now," he said.

The grieving father doesn't want his son to be remembered as the teen who was into drugs and died because of it.

"I want Quentin to be remembered not as a kid who died of a drug overdose. But as a great athlete, a kid who just made a mistake," he said.

Instead, he wants his son to be remembered for more positive decisions he made, like becoming an organ donor. Five people have already received Quentin's organs.

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