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Springfield school officials, police review school safety measures


In light of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT, Springfield police and school officials met Wednesday to talk about increasing school security and taking an in-depth look into current protocols.

School officials tell CBS 3 Springfield they could be making more police assignments to elementary schools.

Parents and students also should expect more drills and heightened security.

"We'll make sure that citizens of Springfield, when they send their kids to school, that it's the safest environment possible," said Sgt. John Delaney with the Springfield Police Department.

Recently the school department has amplified security, making more than $1 million in changes that include automatic door locks, buzzer and alarm systems and cameras.

"What we're doing now and I think you're seeing it in every school system across the country is folks reviewing all their procedures, taking an objective look at all their procedures and seeing where we can improve security in all of our schools," said Superintendent Daniel Warwick.

Police commended the school department on the steps they already have in place to keep kids safe. 

Currently there are 22 police officers inside middle and high schools, a $1 million investment from the school budget.

"They're there right now as I'm talking. They're familiar with the school, they're there every day, they know all the teachers on site, they know all the kids by first name, they work really well and hand-in-hand together," Delaney said.

At Wednesday's meeting, the superintendent says they discussed adding more training for principals for intruder drills, conducting more supervised drills in all schools, inspecting their video and audio surveillance systems and going over visitation protocol, in addition to going over their emergency handbook, known as the "red book".

"We took a look at those kind of things, we took a look internally, but we had a meeting with the police department to get their ideas on it and formulate a strategy moving forward," Warwick said.

School officials say once they formulate a strategy, they will have to bring it to the school committee for a vote.

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