Guest Editorial: "Volunteering to Coach"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Volunteering to Coach is both challenging and rewarding.  It gives you the opportunity to teach a sport and emphasize education and character building.

Being a volunteer Coach shows that you have a personal commitment to your child's development.  It helps fosters success through positive interaction, shows feedback and the ability to value teamwork.  Thus focusing on the mastery of skills over winning and effort over outcome.

Moreover it allows you to understand and embrace the role as mentor and a role model for your child and others around you.  It's very important to uphold the spirit of the game, respect your opponents, opposing players and instill a true desire to do good.

Being a coach is one of the most influential things an adult can do to impact the lives of young athletes.  In conjunction with parents, and schools, coaches are the key to developing character in our future leaders.

There isn't any other youth institution that equals sports as a setting in which to develop character and define sportsmanship.  Sports are a perfect setting because character is tested all the time.

We ask that you do your part here in the River Region…and volunteer to coach this spring…..and help make a difference in the lives of those around you.

Delivered by: Ashley Aaron

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