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Sparta Academy Teacher a Class Act


For Ms. Stephanie Bledsoe, Sparta Academy just feels like home.   And it should, she's been there for 18 years.   "I love my job and these kids," Bledsoe said.   During her nearly two decades here she has taught K-4, kindergarten and now first grade.  "Their young brains are like sponges, and they love their teacher, no matter what I do it's right."

When it comes to her teaching style, Ms. Bledsoe likes to focus on each student.   "Every child learns at a different pace.  Every child has a chance if we are patient and they believe in themselves."

When asked how long she plans to stay at Sparta Academy in Evergreen, Ms. Bledsoe said, "probably until I retire."   Congratulations on being this week's Class Act.  

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