Stinging News About Yellow Jackets

Yellow jackets are often considered to be the most dangerous stinging insects in the Untied States and they're just waiting to make their home in your backyard. Especially right now says Extension Coordinator Jimmy Smitherman.

"The yellow jackets change their behavior this time of year. They stop being predator type insects feeding on other insects and they start looking for things we enjoy," said Smitherman.

Things like soft drinks and other open items are very appealing to these insects. And where they decide to set up camp is not always obvious.

"They like to build their nest in dark areas around individuals homes," he said.

But if you find a nest you shouldn't disturb without knowing how to destroy it.

Wait until night when the most yellow jackets are in the nest and less active. Apply an aerosol type wasp and hornet spray into opening. Or install yellow jacket traps. But if the nest are a constant problem it may be necessary to give a professional a buzz.

Reporter: Sheldra Brigham