Conflicting Evidence in ABI Report

Friday afternoon, two ABI agents delivered the long-awaited 75 page report on Wilson's disputed traffic stop, a report that depends heavily on audio and video tapes of the incident. It's also clear the issue is down to one final measure.

The city's cheif executive vows to be fair. "I am charged with keeping an open mind until I get all the facts," said Mayor Bobby Bright.

For the next couple of nights, Bright has some heavy reading to do, about 75 pages of  facts gathered by the ABI.

Because WSFA has reported so much of the Hooper video and audio tapes, you may think you have the entire case, too. But the mayor has some real conflicts to work through before he makes any decision on the Chief's future.  "I'll take it home and pretty much spend the weekend with it," he said.

There are some facts working in Chief Wilson's favor. For instance, that he wasn't on the clock when he was pulled over, that he was driving his own car, that another senior officer cleared him at the scene.

There are some facts that could hurt or help Wilson, such as the lack of an on scene sobriety test, no blood or breath test. Either could have cleared Wilson and ended the controversy cold.

And, there are facts working against Wilson; that he's a police supervisor on call 24 hours a day; his accident in 2000 in which Wilson admitted drinking, and that in the wake of that accident, Bright ordered senior police officers to submit to sobriety tests on the scene.

Then, most importantly of all, there's witness credibility.  Rhett Hooper made the most damaging claim against Wilson.  "He was drunk, he was stumbling and his eyes were glassed over," Hooper said the night of the traffic stop.

But Bright may question Hooper's credibility because he resigned under a cloud from Montgomery police, and John Spencer, the Shorter officer heard on the Hooper audio tapes, also has a spotty work record.

There are a couple of elements that are probably in the ABI report we haven't seen or heard about yet. One of those might be an interview with the attorney Chief Wilson had dinner with the night he was pulled over. It's a good bet the ABI talked to that lawyer about how much Wilson had to drink that night.

But there are even more unknowns. Hooper told us the night of the incident Wilson forced a brown minivan off the interstate. Where is that witness?

Hooper also told us his fiancee was driving just ahead of him. Did the ABI interview her?

And WSFA's crew also noticed a Chevy SUV parked across the interstate when we arrived. Is it tied to Hooper?

Mayor Bright says he'll probably notify Wilson of a hearing date Monday. The earliest the two could meet would be Wednesday.