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Canton radio station has past of mocking the mentally disabled


19 Action News with a follow up to the story of a 30-year-old woman with Downs Syndrome who was bullied on air by a disc jockey on WDJQ near Canton. 

Kellie Baker's family is making the best out of a bad situation.  A bad situation created by WDJQ disc jockey Mo, who mocked Baker when she accidentally called the station trying to reach her friend Kelly Ann Burkhart.  She tries to get off the phone, he keeps the cruel gag going.

'Alright?  I'll see ya later ok, bye. Say it real slowly.  Never mind, never mind.  No, say it real slowly. I want to try to figure this out. It's a little game.  Okay.'

A statement from the station's attorney says, "the mo show would like to take this opportunity to reaffirm it's support of efforts to raise awareness regarding the challenges faced by people with developmental disabilities." 

OK, then why is this how Mo's support sounded on the air when a listener challenged him.

'Okay so, just I didn't know what the hell she was sayin. So, and then of course I'm sitting there goofing on it and I'm just waiting for it. I already got a stupid text message here, and all "Mo she sounds like she's mentally retarded- Take it easy on her," and ya know it's like No.  Whatever.'

Kellie is smiling through the whole matter, even though hurt.  What angers her family is that this has happened before. 

A Mike the Mongoloid contest from 2006 had callers try to figure out what a disabled person was saying.

"The station has a history of doing this before somebody's got to speak up and speak up against this broadcaster and make them accountable for what they've done," said Kara Bell, Baker's sister.

The family doesn't want Mo fired because in their eyes he'd just be replaced with a similar character. The family wants to see an improvement in the stations on-air character.

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Here's the full statement from the radio station:

Mo apologized to Ms. Baker and her family on-air today at 2:00, and has been suspended from the station.  To hear the full audio apology, please log onto the station's home page at or the station's Facebook page at  Mo will also be apologizing to Ms. Baker at her home, per her family's request. 

Additionally, Q92 is participating in a coordinated collaboration with the Stark and Tuscarawas County's Boards of Developmental Disabilities for a formal and on-going awareness campaign to focus on the abilities, strengths, and talents of people who are developmentally disabled.  This campaign is projected to launch in March, which is developmental disabilities awareness month.  Q92 is looking forward to working with these organizations and engaging its listeners regarding this important community issue.

Amanda Paar Conroy

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