Editorial: "Feedback: Valor Knows No Gender"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - In our editorial entitled "Valor Know No Gender" we said, "…we support putting the best qualified and most capable people on the field of battle, whether you are a man or woman."

In response Marc wrote:
"The vast majority of them (women) cannot meet the physical standards, and you do not want the extra logistical and disciplinary issues that would come with the handful who could."

Andy wrote:

"All well and good, but will there be any relaxation of the sexual harassment laws?  …when a bunch of men are together in close quarters for a while, the conversations can be… of a sexual nature. Some may deem this a hostile work environment. Do the women get to sue over that? Do the men get disciplined for it? Talk about a morale breaker."

On the other hand, Joel agreed with us:

"As my Father said,  'If she can carry her gun equipment and haul a 200+ lb body back to base if a soldier gets injured then I'll be glad to have her at my back'."

Joseph also agreed:

"I would be very happy to have a good female soldier at my side. Or, for that matter, in a leadership role. I've seen a lot of outstanding female senior NCOs and officers. Didn't have a bit of a problem following their orders and none of them had any problem asking my advice or opinion."

As always, we appreciate and encourage your feedback.

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