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Bower picks LSU minutes before announcement

Source: The Star Ledger Source: The Star Ledger

Last year LSU lost a highly touted recruit at the last minute when Mac Brown took Toshiro Davis from the Tigers, but this year it was the other way around. Tashawn Bower committed to LSU this morning adding to an already highly touted defensive line.

Bower committed to Auburn in 2012, but visited Florida, Florida State, LSU and Auburn again. It looked as though he was a Florida lock, that was until this morning.

Bower told the Star-Ledger, "With the great relationship I have with the LSU coaching staff, (defensive line coach Brick) Haley, coach Miles, and everyone there, I felt really comfortable
at campus.""For my future goals, I feel I have the best opportunity to fulfill them at

Bower said the decision did not come easily. "It was really a last-minute thing but you have to go with your gut feeling and I think going to LSU will be the best thing for me," he said. "This morning I thought maybe Florida, then LSU, and back and forth all throughout last night and this morning. You have to follow your heart, and this is where my heart led me."

Bower was not sure what school he would commit to until, "About two minutes before I walked in (to the library). I thought I would know a week ago but I didn't, I wasn't ready. I didn't feel I has a whole-hearted decision for either school. Now I do, I feel a lot better, and I'm ready to go."

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