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Longmeadow High School auctions off items on eBay


On Feb. 26, Longmeadow High School students will officially move into their new school.

However, before the move, the town is helping the school auction off some of the items they don't need any more.

Pottery wheels, weight machines and pianos are just some of the 90 items that the town is helping Longmeadow High School auction off on eBay.

"These are surplus items that are not being moved to the new school, and none of the other Longmeadow public schools have a need for it," said Chad Thompson, procurement manager for the town of Longmeadow.

Instead of letting these perfectly good items go to waste, selling them is a good way for the town not to waste money.

"Everything that remains in this building after the move would need to be disposed of and those things we would need to pay to have done. So by selling them through eBay, we're saving the town money."

Not only that, but Thompson said the town will make money. He estimated about $20,000 to $30,000 worth.

"The revenue raised will go to the general fund for the town," Thompson said.

This auction will run until Feb. 9, which would give people enough time to bid on the items. These items are pickup only, so the school has set the weekend of Feb. 19 through Feb. 21 for pickup.

The town's website has a link to the items up for auction, and already there have been several high bidders.

"Items that are going for the most are like some of the kitchen equipment, some of the commercial kitchen equipment ... the mixers, the convection ovens ... there's a Steinway piano currently at a couple thousand," said Thompson.

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