Deputies Follow Trail of Clues in Murder; Victim's Background Includes Drug Conviction

Investigators questioned one suspect, Tshombe Hunter, late into Wednesday evening at the jail. One topic detectives wanted to know about: the whereabouts of the other suspects are. Even if Hunter did not cooperate, officers already had strong leads.

When Josh Frith woke up this morning, he had no idea he'd find himself in the middle of a crime scene, but there he was.

"I heard the helicopter going around," Frith said,  "then I come outside and my car window was broken."

It may sound like a simple smash and grab, but investigators don't think so. You see, Frith lives just two blocks from where the chase began and the suspects needed a car.

"I guess they broke my window to try to steal it," Frith said.

They probably don't realize it yet  but that unsuccessful theft left officers a long string of clues to track the suspects down with. For instance, when they didn't get the car, they took something else.

Frith explains. "In the process of trying to steal a car and running from the cops they decided to grab my cd's."

And just a few feet from Frith's car, surveillance video cameras which officers now tell us provided them with pictures of the suspects. Combine that with fingerprints from Josh's car, and it's a pretty solid lead. Oh, and those CD's that were missing? Found a block away on Kentucky Oaks Drive - also with fingerprints on them.

We also have some new information about the 70 year old man police think these suspects shot to death this morning. Court records show Johnny Jackson pleaded guilty two years ago to trafficking in cocaine, which may raise serious questions if this was a drug related killing.

Detectives aren't saying that so far, but it's one working theory.