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Local church hosts quilt-a-thon, makes quilts for people in need


One local group is using their passion of quilting to assist several charities, and you can help them do so this weekend.

The quilting guild at Our Savior's Lutheran Church is hosting their annual quilt-a-thon Saturday, and for five years now they have been using their hobby to help families in need all over the area.

The guild has been meeting since April 2008, and in that time they've made about 500 quilts - quilts they then give to local charities to share with people in need.

The quilt guild makes more than 100 tie quilts a year. The group of 15 meets every Tuesday to quilt - cutting out 11-inch blocks, laying out quilt tops and sewing them together, and getting them ready to tie.

"We make what we call a sandwich. It's the backing, the batting, and the quilt top," said Mary Bymers, the chairman of the guild. "And we pin those in maybe half a dozen places and roll them up and put them away. And they are what comes out and are laid on the table the day of the quilt-a-thon. And all we ask people to do is tie a knot."

During the quilt-a-thon, the guild will present quilts to the Tyler Fire Department, the Shriners, and other local charities so they can share the quilts with others who might need them.

"When we have emergency incidents, be it medical emergencies, car wrecks, or especially on structure fires where we've got a displaced family, and it's nice for us to be able to provide them with something," said Tyler Fire Marshal Paul Findley. "You know, from a sense of well it keeps them warm, but it's really more than that for folks that are going through a tragedy."

"There's comfort in a quilt," said Bymers. "There's a lot of love and a lot of comfort."

The quilt-a-thon will be held from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, February 9, at the Our Savior's Lutheran Church on Kinsey Drive in Tyler.

There is no cost and you do not need to bring anything to attend.

The guild plans to give 40 quilts to the Tyler Fire Department, 20 quilts to the Shriners, and more than 40 others to additional charities, including volunteer fire departments in the area.

Representatives from those organizations will be on hand during the quilt-a-thon to receive the quilts.

The quilting guild meets each Tuesday at 9 a.m. at the Our Savior's Lutheran Church.

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