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Remembering and honoring Chardon High School shooting victim

Remembering Danny Remembering Danny

It's been almost a year since the shootings at Chardon High School, and just days before the upcoming anniversary, the family of one of the victims will be celebrating his life, and giving a gift to other students.

Danny Parmertor was 16-years-old when he was shot and killed on February 27 last year.  Three others were killed as well by another student who confessed to police.

"Danny loved computers and everything technology and he was planning on going into that field," his mother Dina told us.

He would have graduated this year and had so much potential.  Now, some of his classmates with the same dream will get scholarships in his name to carry on his spirit.

"Help them to go to college, it's something that Danny couldn't do so we're happy to," his mother said.

The fundraiser is February 23, just four says before the one year anniversary of a tragedy that will live with these families the rest of their lives.

"They wanted his name to live on forever," Danny's father Bobby told us.

Sometimes it's hard to deny how Danny's presence is still felt in the Parmertor's home, "You know we get signs. We've had signs from him. Powerful things that have happened," his mom told us.

His father told us a story about when their 3-year-old niece was over and pointed upstairs asking, "Who is that, who is that?" and no one is there.  It's obvious to the Parmertor's that Danny is there.

"We got a picture of Danny going like that over the rail."

Below that railing hangs a blanket that someone sent after Danny died that's covered in pictures of him.

The benefit later this month is already sold out, all 560 tickets, "It just confirms what we have felt all along. Support love and generosity," his family says.

For more information on the Danny Parmertor Memorial Fund, click here.

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