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AU leads global communication training

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The Biggio Center at Auburn University will serve as the primary training ground for the Culture Bump Approach, a practical solution to facing global and domestic issues.

AU reached an agreement with the originator of the 30-year-old approach, Dr. Carol Archer, allowing the Biggio Center to offer workshops, seminars and training certification courses through the center's Cultural Insight Program.

"It is a program specific to Auburn University that will utilize Dr. Archer's Culture Bump Approach to provide trainees to our community and to the greater community, not only the U.S., but abroad in global communication," explains Dr. Stacey Nickson, Assistant Director of the AU Biggio Center.

Culture Bump training makes it possible for not only individuals, but any type of organization, to communicate with one another at the highest levels possible with a focus on how to negotiate differences.

"It's not about training you to communicate with people that you already know, like, love and understand, it's specifically geared to train people in how to communicate with people who are either from a different culture, religion, or have a language, something very different then your own," says Nickson.

Nickson believes having this program based in the south, the fastest growing international community in the country, will be an advantage to the local area.

"Having this based at Auburn University is not only critical to the continued economical and educational growth of our country, buts it's critical to our citizen rate and we're really excited to have it here at Auburn University," states Nickson.

This year, AU will certify two cohorts of culture bump trainers. One cohort will be trained on Auburn's campus in March while the other group will meet for training in San Diego, CA this summer.

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