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Hunters Station residents upset over drainage issues


On every street in the Hunters Station subdivision in Montgomery, you will see the overflow of backed up drains; standing water that is not able to pass through any drain or pipe.

Councilman David Burkette says it is a fixable problem but one that will cost around a $1 million dollars.

The front yard of homes are completely flooded. Robert Price says there's no ditch for drainage alongside the streets.

Price and Councilman Burkette say the problem is the drains need to be cleaned and new pipes need to be constructed, creating a passage for the water to flow down to the main drain down the street.

"We've been done to the council meeting. We've had some of the head people from downtown been out here before and look the situation over but we've never been able to get anything done.We just need a drench put down alongside the street and that would help all this water on down," Burkette said.

Council Burkette says the city says it does not have the money right now to make those repairs.

Burkette says he's even petitioned for funding in Washington, in person and has met with congressmen.

Some residents on Old Selma Road are also suffering with the similar issues. Click the link  to view those photos:

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