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Prattville police search for fake cop after second traffic stop incident


The man impersonating a Prattville Police Officer and pulling over vehicles illegally has struck again - this time within the city limits of Prattville.

According to authorities, a man called police and said at approximately 7:30 Thursday morning a white Ford Crown Victoria tried to pull him over on Fairview Avenue. The vehicle got behind the victim's vehicle at Edgewood Avenue flashing red and blue police lights. The victim slowed down believing he was being pulled over.

The victim advised when they got close to Walker Street, the suspect vehicle sped around him and turned onto Walker Street at a high rate of speed.

Prattville police Mark Thompson says there is no question now the suspect is establishing a pattern; showing up out of nowhere. "We think this is a wanna-be cop," said Thompson.

The suspect is already wanted for pulling over a young female driver along Interstate 65 on February 5. The woman reported that he attempted to pull her out of her car. She was able to escape.

The victim in Thursday morning's incident told police the man behind the wheel of the Crown Victoria was a white male who looked to be in his late 30's or early 40's with short hair. The suspect vehicle has red and blue lights located in the car's grill, on the dash board and on the front windshield.

The vehicle is outfitted with standard-issue chrome hub caps but has no identifying license plate or tags.

"This is potentially a dangerous situation because we don't know why he's interested in doing this," said Thompson.

Authorities urge citizens not to stop, to travel to a well-lit area with your hazard lights on, and call 9-1-1 if you feel uncomfortable about a vehicle that is pulling you over.

"He did the right thing by turning his blinkers on and not stopping and did the right thing by backing off because you don't want to risk injury to you or the citizens," said Thompson.

Investigators already have a plan in the works to be more vigilant should the fake cop strike again, a real possibility considering his history.

Impersonating a police officer is a felony and is punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

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