Better Sex?

One of the most common complaints among females today is, "Can sex be better?" Many women are suffering from either a lack of sexual desire, loss of climax, and/or pain with sexual desire.

Recently, there has been a dramatic increase in advertisement dollars and market share for many medications aimed at increasing male sexual enhancement. This increased publicity has brought to the forefront the once taboo subject of the bedroom and more women are starting to say, "What about me?"

The number one problem facing women who suffer from sexual dysfunction is lack of foreplay. Many times, couples, especially those who have been together for "a long time," forget about the caressing, kissing and snuggling that stimulates and prepares women for sex. Women are naturally programmed to need that time where they feel loved and wanted by their partner, whereas men are more visually stimulated.

Other problems that may affect women's sexual function include lack of desire, lack of arousal and pain with intercourse.

In the past few years, we have seen an increase in off-label uses of Viagra and Cialis for women and more women using herbal supplements like Avlimil for sexual arousal and enjoyment. Plus, there are several new outpatient surgeries, like the UPLIFT procedure, designed to eradicate and correct anatomic defects that may contribute to pain with intercourse.

If you are one of those women who suffer from sexual dysfunction, see your gynecologist to discuss with them what treatment options may be right for you. More information can also be found at and