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Hundreds of newborn and toddlers' pictures decorate the walls of Central Alabama OB/GYN Associates. These smiling faces are just a small reminder to Dr. Roger Duggar of the over 6,000 babies he has helped deliver to his patients.

A love for children prompted him to begin in the first place. After almost 25 years in practice, Dr. Duggar has built strong relationships with his patients and talks passionately about his "family."

Dr. Duggar's son, Christopher Duggar, M.D., has recently joined the practice and speaks vividly of his father's connection to his patients. "Dad knows almost all of his patients by name. Walking down the street, he will stop and speak to people, his patients, calling them by name and asking about their children and spouse. It's amazing."

Dr. Duggar does consider his patients to be part of his family and that makes individual care very important to him. "I make it a priority to spend more time with my patients. If they have questions they need to be answered, then I make time. It may mean you aren't always on schedule, but it's important to them and to me."

Central Alabama OB/GYN Associates provide its patients with total female healthcare, including obstetrics and a full line of gynecologic care including annual exams, pap smears, breast exams and surgical procedures for women between 13 and 80 years old. The OB/GYN surgical techniques are among the latest including Tension Free Vaginal Tape for urinary incontinence and a variety of laproscopic procedures.

An interest in surgical techniques and the idea of serving and establishing long-term relationships with his patients are what prompted Dr. Christopher Duggar to follow in his father's footsteps. Originally planning to practice out of state, Dr. Duggar said he decided just recently to return to his hometown and join his father in practice because he felt like it was the path God was leading him to pursue.

Several recent medical studies have shown how faith and spiritural issues play a central role in patient's health and their ability to cope with illness. Faith plays a strong role at Central Alabama OB/GYN Associates. "We are very aware of the spiritual side of treating patients. We often pray with patients before surgery and integrate faith-related issues into our practice," said Dr. Christopher Duggar. "We consider ourselves more instruments of the Lord than just surgeons."

The addition of his son has provided Dr. Roger Duggar with numerous opportunities including the expansion of his practice to a newly opened satellite office in East Montgomery. Although they primarily admit to Jackson Hospital, they are also actively involved with the staff at Baptist East. The establishment of a location on St. Lukes Drive, near Baptist East Medical Center, will give the practice a larger opportunity to serve patients in that area.

Dr. Roger Duggar and Christopher Duggar are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergencies. Office hours are from 8:30a.m. to 5p.m. Monday through Friday.

"The luxury to our patients," said Dr. Roger Duggar, "is knowing they will always be speaking with one of us – not someone they have never met or seen."

Source: Montgomery Living