Good Neighbor Profile: Chris Duggar

There was never any question in Dr. Chris Duggar's mind that he and his wife, Lee Ann, would return to Montgomery after he graduated form Medical School at the University of Alabama, Birmingham.

Duggar, also a graduate of Duke University, wanted to rejoin his family members and get to work helping out in the community that had been his home since first grade.

The Duggars returned to Montgomery in the summer of 2002. Duggar became a partner in his father Roger Duggar's medical practice. He also became active with Eastwood Presbyterian Church. He is a mentor and participates in projects with the church's youth department.

The new father, whose daughter, Abigail, was born five weeks ago, said he will always make time for worthwhile projects. "Your just have to make the time," he said.

Duggar said he someday wants to get involved with missions work. For now, he's enjoying spending time with his family. He also like to work in the yard, water ski and spend time at Lake Martin.

Source: Montgomery Living
March 4, 2003