Reporter Gets to Answer a Few Questions of Her Own

I believe it was Jon Dow, director of Building Our Neighborhoods for Development and Success, who let me know earlier this week that I am quickly earning another title among the people who have become acquainted with me during me time with the Advertiser.

"You're Kim Williams Roedl, reporter for the Montgomery Advertiser and an expectant mother." Dow said with a grin and a few pats to my back before a Tuesday afternoon meeting.

I admit to being a tad bit embarrassed that people began to notice my expanding tummy. Maybe it was time for me to come to terms that it was becoming more obvious.

It only has been in the last couple of weeks that it has become an issue for me. People I interview have been polite enough to let me finish asking my questions before they begin firing off questions of their own for me.

It's kind of neat because it's almost as if trust was established between us as soon as I walked in the door. The whole "watch out for what you say to reporters" thing doesn't even get a chance to rear its head, and we get to sit down for a nice chat.

The oddest run of events is that if there is a pregnant woman in the building, the interviewee makes sure that I meet her before I leave. My guess is that we are supposed to compare notes. That's usually what ends up happening.

After on such meeting at Old Alabama Town with a woman named Pam, I called my doctor's office feeling like an idiot. Pam was well versed in everything concerning her pregnancy. I, on the other hand, just wasn't keeping up with that kind of stuff.

So, I called Dr. Chris Duggar's office to talk to his nurse, Teresa. Teresa, even though she was busy and trying to help me between patients, was nice enough to fill me in on a lot of stuff.

A few days later Dr. Duggar let me in on the biggest piece of information that I wanted to know. In June, my family will be blessed with a baby boy.

So this is the best time in my life. Through my work with the Advertiser, I am meeting many interesting people throughout the Montgomery area. On a daily basis, people are sharing a little bit of themselves with me, and I, in turn, am doing the same.

I am changing day by day, and I'm pretty happy about it. So to Jon Dow, I say thanks for noticing, even thought I know it was hard to miss.

Source: Montgomery Advertiser