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Mayor Mallory vies for $5M prize in Mayors Challenge


Mayor Mark Malory's proposal to improve the infant mortality rate in Cincinnati is among the 20 finalists  in the Bloomberg Philanthropies' Mayors Challenge.

Annually, 28 thousand babies die before their first birthday in the U.S.

Through innovations in care coordination and data collection and analysis, Cincinnati has discovered a way to dramatically reduce prematurity and infant death.

Mayor Mallory has proposed to expand the City's First Step program, which monitors expectant mothers and gives them access to individualized care. The proposal aims to expand the City's Infant Vitality Surveillance Network to every mother giving birth in the city.

The Mayors Challenge is a competition created to inspire American cities to generate innovative ideas that solve major challenges and improve city life.

Cincinnati was chosen as a finalist from more than 300 submissions. Mayor Mallory's proposal will now compete against 19 other cities across the county for a $5 million grand prize.

A full list of the top 20 finalists can be seen here.

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