Grilled Amberjack with Crab Mornay

4- 8 oz amberjack filets soaked in buttermilk and lemon slices overnight

Salt, pepper, garlic and blackening seasoning to taste

1/2 stick of butter

Grill fish filets in butter and seasoning till cooked through and flakey.

Crab Mornay

2 cups fresh parsley chopped fine

1 cup fresh green onions chopped fine

1 cup butter

1 TBS flour

1 cup white wine

1lb Lump white crab meat

1lb swiss cheese

1/2 pint half and half

Salt and cayenne pepper to taste

Sautee parsley and green onions in butter until soft, add flour and stir until slightly thick. Add cheese and slowly melt, add wine and lump crab meat. Add half and half and stir till hot through out. Serve hot over Amberjack or steak or with toast points as an appetizer.