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Litchfield Park woman teaches dog more than a few tricks


We all know what a hassle daily chores can be. So what if you could get someone - or something - to do it for you for free?

Heather Brook and her pal Jesse know how to get things done. Since Jesse the Jack Russell terrier showed a knack for tricks early on, the lessons became more complicated.

So how does one teach their dog how to clean up their mess, vacuum the floors, even shine their shoes?

"Lots of, I guess, positive reinforcement," Brook said. "Like when they're doing something you like, basically just encourage them."

Here's an example - Brook said first Jesse learned to put his paws on her scooter. Then he put his paws up and made it move, and for each step in that process, she was there to reward him.

Jesse's talents aren't going unnoticed. Brook's videos of Jesse have garnered nearly 20 million views on YouTube and Jesse appears in local commercials, too. Brook said she hopes to one day teach service dogs to be as helpful as Jesse has been for her.

"That would be so cool," she said. "It would be a dream of mine to start helping raise and train service dogs so they could help people who have a disability."

Jesse's page on YouTube:

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