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Former nurse faces high demand for pistol-packing purses

Janna Henry Janna Henry

As the national gun debate continues, guns and ammunition are flying off the shelves, and one Lubbock woman is receiving national attention for her pistol-packing purses.

Janna Henry has a knack for creativity and a passion for saving lives. She used to be a nurse but said the demand for her uniquely-designed bags has skyrocketed over recent months to the point where she has had to quit her job.

"I think it's a great thing. I've been a nurse for my whole life, like 30 years, so I'm really into life preservation," Henry said.

Henry says these purses are not only stylish, but they are functional and safe. Henry makes everything from scratch.

"I choose the fabric, I cut the fabric, I design which way it's going to be, and sew it," she said.

Henry says each purse and holster is personally designed for each customer.

"I have to know if you want a right-handed or left-handed holster and exactly what kind if gun you have because the holster is made for your gun," she said.

Henry says her purses are very quick and easy to get to.

"It's just like a holster that would be on the side of your body and it's just right inside the purse. You can just pull it out or if you needed to, you could just lift up your purse and just shoot 'em," she said.

Henry knows of other purses that can be used to carry a concealed handgun, but they are not stylish like hers.

"They're not cute, they're very industrial looking. They're just like black leather, no description. I wouldn't want to carry that," she said.

Her purses have been shipped all over the country, including Louisiana and Missouri.

"I've sewed to like 4:30 in the morning, getting up at like 6:30 in morning, going completely crazy. They've gone to Louisiana, I have three stores in Branson, Missouri that buy my bags and Houston and Nacogdoches and Dallas - they're just going everywhere," Henry said.

Henry has been sewing her whole life, but she got this idea back in December when someone asked her if it was possible to have a holster inside of the purse. Since then she has been completely swamped with orders.

"I think it all started maybe with the Sandy Hook tragedy that happened back in December. It just seems like it's gotten big since then," she said.

Henry said she has sold more than 200 purses over the past three months.

"The people that are packing pistols are totally not the people you would think would be packing pistols. It's kind of crazy the clientele that I have," Henry said.

You can find more information on Janna's Facebook page.

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