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Still snow-buried, KC woman seeks help digging out

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A Kansas City woman has more trouble dealing with snow than most.

Paula Bradfield has multiple sclerosis.  Walking to her car is a challenge and shoveling the snow away is impossible.  And after the first snowstorm, she had to deal with a new obstacle.

Her garage is in the back alley near East 61st and Harrison streets and two businesses nearby have dumped all of their snow in the alley making it impossible for her car to get out.

Bradfield relies on a walker to help her get to her car that is parked in the garage behind her house.  But after the first snow fell she discovered a big problem.

"I realized an issue on the south end of the alley, but I didn't realize it until I got my car out of the garage and in the alley that I couldn't go north either," she said.

That was because of the two piles of snow that were plowed into the alley from the nearby businesses.

"They have to clean their parking lots.  I can appreciate that, but to not consider blocking the alley is disappointing," Bradfield said.

She was hoping the city could help her.

"The alley belongs to them, but they don't clear the alleys.  They only clear residential streets. Out of luck there," she said.

The city told her they would issue citations to the church and the learning center for illegal dumping in the alley. But neither business has come out to remove the snow, even after she called them to complain.

"This is one of those things. What am I going to do? I have done all I can," Bradfield said.

So the only thing she can hope for now is that Mother Nature will take it's course.

"I'm going to have to wait until the snow melts and cleared, unless some professional comes to move either one of those mounds," she said.

Bradfield said a private contractor told her he would charge her $300 to remove the snow. But she says she can't afford to pay it.

So she has relied on co-workers to give her a ride to work and her friends gave her a ride to church and the grocery store.

Starting Monday morning, the city will begin to charge fines for people living in Kansas City to clear the snow from their sidewalks.

Anyone with an uncleared sidewalk could have to pay between $25 and $100.  You will also be able to make a complaint about sidewalks by calling 311.

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