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Many trying to keep docks afloat after heavy snowfall

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Roof collapses and downed limbs are not the only problems caused by the recent heavy snow.

Many docks are collapsing or sinking under the weight of all that snow.

Many owners are anxiously watching their dock, trying to decide the best way to keep it and their boats afloat.

For some, the thick, wet snow proved to be too much.

"I've lived here all my life, and we've never seen this much snow back-to-back," Lake Lotawana resident Tommy Needles said.

Needles is spending his days plowing snow for himself and neighbors.

"We've had some collapses.  The weight of the snow just weighs it down," he said.

Many docks on Lake Lotawana aren't sunk but are sagging under the weight of the snow.

"On my own dock, I climbed up on top of the roof and shuffled the snow off," Needles said.

Just as experts warn about clearing the roof of a home, clearing a dock can also be dangerous.

"Use your own caution I guess. I felt the need to do it because I have boats and jet skis under there," Needles said.

Many Lake Lotawana residents say most of the docks and boats are covered by insurance, but they say deductibles can be costly.

If a dock is not insured, it could cost thousands of dollars to replace. Many cost well over $15,000.

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