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Longview PD seeking suspects caught on security video vandalizing numerous cars

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The Longview Police Department is seeking suspects caught on a home security video egging numerous vehicles in a Longview neighborhood.

Bobby Summerford's home security cameras showed the evidence: at least two young adults in a four-door, dark-colored vehicle vandalizing cars along Regency Drive. They also egged cars along Weston Court. The crime occurred between 1:30 - 1:45 on Sunday morning, March 3, but Summerford didn't notice the damage on his Escalade until later Sunday morning.

"We came out getting ready to go to church," he said. "I was loading up the car and everything. And then I instantly looked down at my truck and I noticed that we had eggs all over the back of it again and I knew the neighborhood had gotten hit again with eggs."

"Numerous vehicles had been egged and they actually found the carton, one of the cartons, laying in the street," said Kristie Brian with the Longview Police Department.

After speaking with neighbors to narrow down the time frame, Summerford was able to watch the vandals hitting his truck at 1:32 a.m. The camera trained down the street taped the suspects driving up and down Winston court before leaving the neighborhood at 1:35 a.m.

The Summerfords believe the fact their home is just two blocks from the Pine Tree High School campus makes their neighborhood an easy target.

"We've been vandalized with the spray paint back in June when all the vehicles got sprayed with all the dirty language and stuff. Two of my vehicles were vandalized that night," said Summerford. "Probably three times being egged, and then at least once with the paint."

Summerford says he'll be updating his security system so that if there is a next time, he'll be able to link any vandals to a license plate number.

"We wish the police could do something more, and I think having a video aired like this, letting these kids know that some camera's going to catch them and maybe that will be a deterrent," said Summerford.

And Longview police encourage others to keep security cameras pointed toward cars and streets, saying the images Summerford's cameras captured will help them track down these suspects.

Longview Police request that anyone whose vehicle was vandalized in that area contact them to report the damage.

As for Summerford, he said his white SUV will need to be repainted because of the damage.

Contact Longview Police at (903) 237-1170 if you have any information about this crime, or to report that your property was damaged during this time on Sunday morning.

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