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Military Tuition Assistance Program cuts: Montgomery's impact


Troy University Vice Chancellor of Global Campus Dr. Lance Tatum says it's certainly going to be an adjustment for those 1,000 military students in Troy's system who had been receiving the military's tuition assistance.

"They were being provided 100 percent tuition assistance that has gone to zero. You know what it does is for those military service members who are not eligible for their VA benefits, their 9-11 G.I. Bill, this does cause them to have to pay for their education out of their pocket," Dr. Tatum said.

They will be allowed to remain enrolled in their current classes but new applications for assistance will likely be rejected. Trent Edwards, Commander of the 42nd Air Base Wing at Maxwell Air Force Base says this will create a challenge for recruiters.

"Education is a very big selling point for the United States Air Force and what we do with technology and education is top of the world so that creates additional challenges for our recruits," Edwards said.

Dr. Tatum says university officials started preparing for these cuts 8 months ago, searching for other resources for these students.

"If they are eligible for veteran's benefits, what we're doing is, we're helping our students and direct them toward those benefits so they can continue their education," Dr. Tatum said.

University and military officials are hoping the federal government will have some funds to disperse in the next budget year.

"We don't think that it will ever be back to 100 percent in the foreseeable future, but hopefully they will be able to provide some percent back to service members," Dr. Tatum said.

Airmen pursuing degrees were given $250 dollars per credit hour and as much as $4500 dollars per year.

The Air Force is also limiting professional education at the non-commissioned officer academy and at squadron office school.

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