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Greenville students get musical message in anti-bullying campaign


A little bit of country music, humor and then it got down to business at Greenville Middle School in Butler County. 

That's where we found country music singer and songwriter Matt Kennon and inspirational speaker Troy McLain giving an assignment to around 400 students. 

McLain, who found fame on the first season of 'The Apprentice', shared a story of how he and his sister were bullied years ago. 

"They said my kid sister was deaf and dumb," McLain told a quiet crowd in the school's gymnasium. 

McLain says his younger sister is, in fact, hearing impaired. McLain then issued a challenge; take 10 seconds and let it go. Don't bully others. 

"I'm not asking you to be friends, but I am asking you to take ten seconds and let it go, let it go," said McLain. 

Kennon brought his 'Stop The Bull' campaign to the school. Kennon has traveled to 7 counties so far in Alabama and even wrote a song about what he witnessed in his hometown near Conyers, Georgia. 

"I saw a second grader at the school was having a tough time, so I wrote a song 'You had to pick on me,' said Kennon. 

McLain also used the same message to encourage those who witness bullying to get involved. Treyvon McClain says he's done it a few times and admitted it took courage but glad he did it. 

"I won't don't want to get involved but I also don't want anything bad to happen," said McClain. 

Today's school assembly program was sponsored by Nick and Terry Saban's 'Nick's Kids' foundation. 

Principal Curtis Black deals with about one case of bullying a month and sees it as an opportunity to teach a lesson. 

"We see as an educational moment to teach children this is not the way to behave," said Black. 

Be nice to each other, stop the meanness, the call from Matt Kennon and Troy McLain that it's cool to be kind.

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