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Fire victim claims neighbors saved her life

Kimberly Barnes looks inside her destroyed apartment. Kimberly Barnes looks inside her destroyed apartment.
Keisha Perry's apartment ceiling. Keisha Perry's apartment ceiling.

Officials say an electrical fire caused eight apartments to go up in flames Tuesday night.

It happened at the Bridgekroft apartment complex across from the old Montgomery Mall.

Thankfully no one was injured.

But one resident says it could have been a lot worse.

"Words can't express what's going through my mind," says Keisha Perry.

While the fire was raging, Perry was next asleep.

"I just thank God I made it out of here."

She had no idea nearby neighbors were beating on her door.

"Finally I just woke up...and I woke up to flames."

Kimberly Barnes drove up to see her home burning before her eyes.

"I was coming up to turn in to my driveway of the apartment complex off from the main road and all I saw were police and two fire trucks and a lot of commotion."

Barnes apartment is destroyed. The only thing she could salvage was an acceptance letter to nursing school.

"Everything I put in to scrapbooks or anything else is gone. All my memories...gone."

Water puddles and charred furniture are the only things left after the fire ripped through the apartment building.  Residents say they don't know where to go from here.

"It's like where do I start from?" says Perry.

"Now, I'm left with what's the next step? Have to get it together," adds Barnes.

Thankfully, residents say the Red Cross provided them temporary hotel rooms.

But the shock of it all still remains.

"It feels like a bad dream."

"I could have been dead," says Perry.

Residents say they don't know where the fire started.

Officials believe it was an accident.

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