Editorial: "Feedback" 3/14

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Inresponse to our editorial suggesting that the new TSA policy allowing someknives on airplanes should be reversed, we had these comments:

"There'sno legitimate reason to NOT allow pocket knives on a plane… 18" knittingneedles are allowed and the airline union isn't complaining about that."

Another viewer wrote:

"A pencil is more dangerous. Why not ban them?"

To our editorial saying that there is still evidence that the Voting Rights Actmust continue, one viewer wrote:

"The law was unconstitutional when it waspassed… and is now an embarrassment to a nation… that requires all citizens tobe treated equally, including those who happen to live in areas whose distantpast includes horrendous practices."

Oureditorial saying that the sequestration would push Alabama schools closer tothe edge of a scholastic cliff brought this comment:

"Sequester? Bring it on. Obama's scare tacticshave caused this 'sky is falling' hysteria…   It is time for thespending problem and debt to come to a head and perhaps some resolution." 

Andin response to our editorial suggesting that lawmakers should put gambling onthe ballot and end this bingo controversy once and for all we had theseresponses:

"How many times must we 'once and forall?'  Alabama has voted against gambling time and time again, and havevoted gambling down."

Anotherviewer wrote…

"It shouldn't be up to the government OR thepeople. The freedom to gamble or not is an individual choice that does notinfringe on the rights of others and therefore, should never be legislated, foror against."

Asalways, we appreciate your comments.

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