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Cremated remains missing after funeral home closed

The Hendersonville building once rented by the funeral home. (Mar. 19, 2013/FOX Carolina) The Hendersonville building once rented by the funeral home. (Mar. 19, 2013/FOX Carolina)

A Hendersonville man said he's still grieving his father's death two months later, and it's only getting worse because his father's ashes are missing. 

Hendersonville police said South Park Funeral Home was shut down and told to leave the property they were renting as part of a state investigation, keeping customers from receiving their loved ones' remains.

William Suggs' father, Claude Suggs, died Jan. 15. He said he trusted 53-year-old Richard Mosley, a friend who owned the funeral home, to have his father cremated. Suggs said he was told it would take three to four weeks before his father's remains would be back.

After two months, he has yet to get his father's remains and said he's been on an emotional roller coaster since police told him the state funeral board shut his friend's funeral home down.  

"I started talking to Rick, and he just kept giving me the run-around. So I called the magistrate, who referred me to the city police, who said he was being investigated," Suggs said. 

The Henderson County Clerk of Criminal Courts Office told FOX Carolina that Mosley faces 16 counts of obtaining goods via false pretense as part of the North Carolina Board of Funeral Services' investigation. The Associated Press reported that Mosley's charges were connected bad checks he wrote and that he was also charged with obtaining embalming chemicals last summer without a proper license.

Mosley said the state funeral home board shut the business down, and they seized everything left inside.

"Our building was seized by the landlord, and we were not able to get back in the building to get any files or anything in there," Mosley said. "The local police department advised us it was a civil matter. I explained (that) to Mr. Suggs."

Hendersonville police said the case of missing remains is under investigation, and no charges have been filed in reference to Suggs' claims. 

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