Editorial: "Friendly Fire -Tuition" Feedback

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Most responders  agreedwith this week's editorial suggesting that the U.S. government reduce spendingon foreign aid by 500 million so that we can continue the military tuitionassistance program.  Here are some of their comments:

"Perhaps they should sequester funds for Secret Servicefor elected officials and political appointees… "

"This tuition assistance is a mere drop in the budgetbucket compared to what the Washington elite spend to entertain themselves andtheir 'friends'…"

"... between illegal immigrants and foreign aid, U.S.citizens and U.S. military are paying the price. How fair is that?"

"There is no greater service that a man or woman canrender to their society than to volunteer to protect the individual libertiesof those that comprise it. To break a promise to them is an evil thing…"

Yet,this viewer took exception…

"…foreign aid makes up a very tiny fraction of the budget and it is incrediblyhelpful to the interests of the U.S. in the long term in many situations. Theforeign aid handed out after WW2 gave us some of our biggest trading partners(England, Japan, France, Germany, etc.). Think of foreign aid as a long term investment.It doesn't always work, but the track record for it really ain't so bad."

As always, we welcome yourcomments.

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