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Elton John concert sets stage for following acts


Familiar tunes will soon fill the air as one of the world's most iconic singer/songwriter's takes the stage at Garrett Coliseum.

"This is a huge, huge production," says Coliseum Manager, Randy Stephenson.

Seven tractor trailers full of sound and stage equipment and half a day to set it up?

"Montgomery hasn't seen this in a long time."

For years Garrett Coliseum struggled to hold on as a viable event venue.

Recently state and local leaders, including the state agriculture department, allowed Stephenson to take the reins--fixing up the building to make it attractive again.

That's when a company called LiveNation came calling.

"They reached out with us last year about bringing Elton John and we've been working with them very closely and able to pull it off," says Stephenson.

"Demonstrates what can happen when you have all the players at the table working for a common goal," adds State Agriculture Department Chief of Staff, Daniel Autrey.

Event organizers expect 10,000 people to fill the seats.  Many of them are coming from Birmingham after a recent illness forced Elton John to cancel his concert there.

"We had an influx of people buying tickets immediately after the show was canceled," says Stephenson.

The success of this show sets the stage for big acts to follow.  It's something many anticipate happening soon.

"If the public will support it they'll bring it," says Stephenson.

"A lot of opportunities in the future, down the road, yes," adds Autrey.


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