Editorial: "Big Picture"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Last week we had a larger than life act come to town and play the historic Garrett Coliseum.  Elton John brought the house down at a location not regularly visited by global entertainers.

With such events, there is excitement, anticipation and massive crowds. With large crowds comes traffic (which there was a lot of) and with traffic comes frustration (also in large supply).  But, let's not lose sight of the big picture here.

A world renowned entertainer came to Montgomery, Alabama and gave over 10,000 people a show of a lifetime.  But, what some want to focus primarily on is the lack of parking, the traffic jams and perceived poor planning for this event.

Here's some food for thought and why we urging you to look at the big picture. With any event on this scale there are going to be some unforeseen issues that come up that will need working through and now that all the involved parties have seen and heard about these issues, they can better plan for the next event.

So let's put all the "Montgomery can't handle an event like this" or "Garrett Coliseum isn't good enough" blah aside and focus on what we can improve upon the next time Elton John comes back to town and how we can truly make Garrett Coliseum a showplace for the south.

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