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Cold temps concern farmers

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White frost protectors blanket the field of Wetumpka farmer Joe Lambrecht.

"It's 14,000 plants out there," Lambrecht said.

That's five acres of vegetables and fruit on this field, including strawberries.

"We've picked 100 gallons last week and we were hoping for that again this week, but with the cold weather coming through, we've had to stop picking and cover up," Lambrecht said.

Lambrecht is hoping the acre and a half of strawberries, which will fill 200 gallons will brave the cold temperatures.

"Frost puts us back 30 days," Lambrecht said.

He says a freeze this late in March is very unusual. And what's even worse is this is the third time in three weeks he's had to cover the crop.

"We're two weeks behind with the strawberries. We should be in full production right now, but we've had to shutdown," Lambrecht said.

A huge setback and a financial impact.

"That's a very expensive crop to put in and of course everyday that we don't pick, it's a financial loss and it could be very substantial. We need this cold weather to get gone. We need to get it off and get in production. There is no fix-all, farming is a gamble and we do the best we can with what we got and then we have to hope," Lambrecht said.

Lambrecht says the plan is to leave the cover on the strawberries until Friday or until he's confident that the frost and freeze is gone. He says he will be watching the forecast closely.

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