Cold weather dampens Spring Break on Lake Martin

LAKE MARTIN, AL (WSFA) - Hank Golden and hisgrandson are about to become two brave souls when they drop their boat in thefrigid waters of Lake Martin.

It's sunny but very coldand they know it.

""We'reprepared. We got our coats. We're used to it," said Golden of Tallassee.

Overall, the month ofMarch has been nothing to celebrate for Bekah Hepburn. Hepburn runs a littleshopping strip near the lake and says business is down between 5 to 10%compared to last March.

"Good weather iscrucial for us. If it rains no one wants to be on the water and if it's cold noone wants to be out," Hepburn said.

On the lake Scott Goslinsays March is the month many schools take their spring breaks includinguniversities. The gas pumps are quiet along with the boat motors. The onlychurning the water these days are the ducks and the wind.

"Overall traffic isdown about 5% but we haven't seen any drop in sales," said Goslin who isthe Merchandise Manager for Russell Marina on Lake Martin.

Even though the month ofMarch has been so-so compared to last March, businesses say the real showbegins Memorial Day weekend, the beginning of summer vacation.

It's clear many peopleare waiting a little longer for the temperature to rise and become moreconsistent, not waiting are the Goldens who decided to the take the plunge now.

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