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Torture victim outraged attacker gets minimal jail time


Aretha Donaldson says she endured and survived two days of captivity and torture after a date went terribly bad.

Donaldson has spoken to a national television program after her attacker spent less than a year in jail. She said Jackson County prosecutors didn't consult with her before negotiating such a lenient plea deal with her attacker.

"I did not consent to the plea bargain, and I wouldn't have," she said. "I think there should be a law that prohibits them to do that."

The woman managed to stage a daring escape after her body was repeatedly hit with electrical charges from a stun gun, according to court documents.  Donaldson was also repeatedly beaten and sexually assaulted, police said.

A neighbor told police that the woman ran to her home for help while the woman's naked body was wrapped in just a sheet.

Carey Clark, then 56, was charged with forcible sodomy, two counts of attempted forcible rape and kidnapping charges. The office of Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker reduced the charges to assault.

Clark pleaded no contest and was sentenced to the seven months that he had already served in jail. A spokeswoman for Baker refused to discuss the specifics of the plea deal or why the charges in what seems to be such a horrific case were reduced.

Donaldson says she wants to use her ordeal to warn other women what can go wrong. She also hopes by speaking out that she can get tighter restrictions on plea bargains for sex offenders and violent criminals.

"If I reach out and help another woman or make this law into effect, it will be all worth it to me," Donaldson said. 

The interview Donaldson did was for Investigation Discovery's series, Dates from Hell. The episode featuring her will premiere on June 15 at 10 p.m.

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