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Editorial: "Appreciating Mal Moore"


Sometimes it seems that the people who make the headlines surrounding college athletics are the ones setting the wrong examples… a few spoiled athletes, coaches gone astray, fans behaving badly.

I didn't know much about UA Athletic Director Mal Moore, until he died this week. Here are a few of the comments made about him by those who did know him well.

"… an outstanding leader, fierce competitor and most important, an outstanding human being."

"…his amazing heart, his generous spirit and his unwavering integrity."

"He left a legacy that is likely unmatched. And to do it in the way that he did – with humility, patience and grace – is something that is rare."

"He always put the best interests of others ahead of his own… and he helped bring out the best in those around him." 

"Mal has positively impacted athletics at Alabama unlike anyone ever has or probably ever will."        

Great people working behind the scenes don't often make the headlines, but they should.  Moore played a role in 10 national championships, 16 SEC championships and 39 bowl trips.  There's a headline. 

We should more often find ways to hold up men like Coach Moore as examples for all of us, especially for young people who are influenced strongly by the headlines of college athletics.

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