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Principal: Same-sex couples allowed at prom

Principal addresses same-sex couples at prom. Principal addresses same-sex couples at prom.

The principal of KDS DAR High School responded to allegations circulating social media claiming the school would not allow same-sex couples to attend the prom.

DAR High's principal Stacy Anderton said he didn't find out about the issue until he got a call from a gay rights group in Michigan.

The principal said the allegations were nothing but rumors and that students were allowed to bring whomever they wanted to prom so long as they were in good standing with the school.

Students are required to fill out a guest approval form if they bring someone as their date who does not go to DAR. As long as that person has not been in trouble with the school, they are permitted to attend regardless of gender.

"I want to get the message out there is no discrimination against any of our students. Our decision is based upon whether they are in good standing with their own school or our school. That is what it is based upon, not their sexual preference," said Anderton.

The principal said he does not know what sparked the rumors.

According to the principal, the issue has not been a problem in the past and no students have requested to bring a date of the same gender this year.

DAR's prom is scheduled for next week at the Huntsville Civic Center.

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