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The Next Generation of Television

Guide to Digital Television

Welcome to the future of television. If you don't own one already, DTV will change your perceptions about what it means to watch television. It will bring you a brighter, clearer, sharper picture. It will bring you CD quality Dolby Digital sound into your living room. Simply put, DTV is the next generation of American television.

So how is digital TV different (and better) than your old analog TV? Follow us through this step by step look at the differences between your analog TV and digital television.

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  • Guide to Digital Television

    Why Digital is Better

    Your Current TV - Analog Signal The word analog comes from "analogous" - that is to say an analog signal is analogous to the original signal such as a voice or video. A analog signal is often representedMore >>
  • Guide to Digital Television

    Higher Resolution Means a Sharper Picture

    If you were to look closely at your television or computer screen, you would see that the picture is made up of thousands of tiny little dots. In fact, if you looked extremely close you would see the More >>
  • Guide to Digital Television

    CD Quality Digital Audio

    Your Old TV - Two Channel Stereo Sound Old fashioned NTSC television gives the listener two channels of audio - right and left - which is commonly known as "stereo" and is similar in quality to a FM More >>
  • Guide to Digital Television

    What is the difference between DTV and HDTV?

    The terms "Digital Television" (DTV) and "High Definition Television" (HDTV) are often used interchangeably, but they are NOT the same thing. Digital Television refers to a TV signal that is transmittedMore >>
  • Guide to Digital Television

    Aspect Ratio: Wider is Better

    Film came before television, so it follows that the development of TV took several cues from film. It makes sense to many because so much of what appears in theaters ends up on your living room televisionMore >>
  • Guide to Digital Television

    DTV Glossary

    A B C D E G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z A Analog TV: Analog technology has been in use for the past 50 years to transmit conventional TV signals to consumers. "Standard" television broadcastsMore >>
  • Guide to Digital Television

    DTV Links

    Advanced Television Systems Committee The Advanced Television Systems Committee, Inc. (ATSC), is an international, non-profit membership organization developing voluntary standardsMore >>
  • Guide to Digital Television

    Digital Television FAQ

    What is this new Digital Television? How many stations in your area are broadcasting in digital signals? What kind of antenna do I need to receive digital broadcasts? What is the difference betweenMore >>
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